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Building the bridge from ideas to implementation
with project management



Thank you for your initiative in promotion of knowledge in Project Management. Special thanks to Lyubov Vasilyevna Samoilova for knowledge quality, free communication and drive for success of our cooperation”

Anatoliy Dolgov

Project Manager, «En Tech Eco», LLC

The course, first of all, is interesting with interactive communication and discussion of the real cases. Consultant leads the topic of the discussion correcting all mistakes and suggests optimal decisions for presented situations”

Pavel Gudkov

Engineer, МТС

Owing to information received on the seminar, it will be easier to manage projects and coordinate work of my colleagues who are directly involved in the project. Thanks for high level of knowledge the participants of the seminar gained. I wish you further success!”

Valentin Dyndar

Project Manager Assistant, BANKOMSVYAZ

I liked the lecturer very much; there were a lot of examples from everyday life. Organizational moments made my day — whole communication as of the moment of filing the application up to the lecturer’s attitude to the audience”

Tatiana Shalyutina


The seminar has brought dozens of positive emotions, highlighted key points on the specific moments that will be helpful in my work with projects. Wonderful impression from lecturers, who clearly and distinctly set the material”

Anna Kokorina

Analyst of consolidated information, SEVASTOPOLGAS PJSC

Very detailed description of the material with paying attention on key problems through the communication with the audience. Practical classes make you rethink and perceive the given material”

Leonid Chunayev

Manager of Technological Protection Department, FARMAK

Practical course was extremely useful and interesting. Thanks for opportunity to learn about budgeting practices on the examples of real projects and other organizations”

Anna Kompanets

Senior Expert of Project Portfolio Management Department, Raiffeisen Bank Aval

The seminar was introduced in logical order which helps step-by-step to probe deep into the basic knowledge in “Project management. In general I’m satisfied with seminar and solidified previous knowledge.”

Yelizaveta Balyuk

Project Manager Assistant, BANKOMSVYAZ

Received positive effect from the structuring of knowledge gained, assessment and setting priorities of all my existing projects + reflection of ideas and possible variants of starting new ones”

Zenoviy Pavlyuk

Marketing Expert, МТS

Well disclosed such a complicated topic, proficiently given examples, all information was easy to understand, all questions I was interested in were answered”

Nataliya Nazar


Thanks teachers and participants of the course for mutual respect and understanding. Thank You!”

Igor Romanov

Deputy Director of technical reequipment and capital investment PSP Zaporozhia HPS «Dneproenergo», PJSC, DTEK

All information was introduced in favorable and systematic form. I’m very satisfied”

Nikoly Botvinko

Chief Specialist of Reconstruction Project Administration Department, VOSTOKENERGO

I liked the seminar. I obtained interesting information which will help me in my work”

Mikhail Yevseev

Начальник отдела сопровождения управленческой отчетности, КИЕВСТАР ДЖ. ЭС. ЭМ.

Expectations were confirmed. It was interesting to know the opinion of Contractors in relation to Client’s requirements”

Andrey Klimenko

Manager of Reconstruction Project Administration Department, VOSTOKENERGO ZUYEV TPS

Everything was explained down to the smallest details and very understandable. Thank You!”

Igor Sorokin

Lead Engineer of Technology Implementation Department, ASTELIT

The course has completely proved my expectations, good quality of handling the material”

Konstantin Naumenko

Engineer, MTS

Very interesting seminar owing to excellent instructor having a great practical experience. Appreciation to Elena Sharova”

Olesya Malinovskaya

Manager- Logistics Expert, РМ — TECHNO

The seminal is «alive», passes easily as for mangers-beginners and is full of great number of examples”

Sergey Gushin


Very useful course which gives a great opportunity to train and assess your knowledge. Thank You all”

Aleksandra Udovenko

Service Administrator,

The course is substantial and corresponded to my expectations to the full extent”

Olga Yermolovich

Director of Finance Department, Ibox

Very intelligent and interesting statement of material, a number of questions have been cleared up”

Andrey Storchevoi

Manager of software applications Department, Ibox

Really good instructor who helped to master the course on professional level and study PMВОК in lively manner”

Yekaterina Doikova

Deputy Director of Operational Department, Ibox

Particularly I would like to mention positive style of information used by lecturer. Thank You!”

Irina Pantel

Project Manager, ALEKS

Obtained a good deal of useful and practical information on risk management”

Aleksandr Karpenko

Project manager, ALPHA-BANK

Very interesting and informative, inspires with studying continuation and growth”

Yekaterina Arnaut

VED Manager of Business Development Branch, FARMAK

A lot of useful information which is possible to implement during working process”

Anastasiya Paduchak

Engineer, FARMAK

This practical course helped not only to gain knowledge necessary for my work but also to practice it, what is equally important in my work”

Mikhail Goryunov

Business Improvement Expert, BADM

I’m very satisfied with the practical course. All hot questions concerning Project and Team management are disclosed”

Denis Dobryvecher

Manager of Designing Group, BANKOMSVYAZ

Two days passed very fast! Respect to consultants :) Topic was clearly described, interesting material, good mastering of audience attention”

Igor Lutsenko

Manager of IСC Department, DTEK

It was very interesting; everything was clearly explained, practical tasks helped to apply theoretical knowledge to my projects”

Maria Beketova

Manager of Project Department, APT-DNEPR

Good seminar with lively present-day examples”

Gulnara Poryadchenko

Medical conversion engineer, MATERIALISE

Informative seminar, good organization”

Aleksey Saprykin


I’m satisfied in general. Sharova as a lecturer is very good!”

Yekaterina Sheglova


I liked the course, teacher’s level is very high, pleasant atmosphere”

Aleksandr Trifonov


Super course. Thanks lecturer for interesting representation of material”

Vladimir Mikhailichuk


Everything was laconically, clear and just excellent”

Aleksey Mikhailov

Chief Specialist, DTEK

In three words: informative, useful and applicable”

Yaroslav Koval

Project Manager, KYIVSTAR G. S. M.

Received a lot of useful and practical information”

Aleksandr Karpenko

Project manager, ALPHA-BANK