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Building the bridge from ideas to implementation
with project management



Our company has vast experience in project management consulting in the field of project management. Over 800 companies already made their choice in favor of high standards and international technologies, which we also apply in our work. Our key advantage is focus on results and achieving success forof our customers.

Consulting projects are implemented on the grounds of consistent services (modules) a consulting project execution plan is comprised of. The customer is provided with plan of changes introduction after opportunities are evaluated. Each module is a consulting service with fixed time and measurable result. This module technology is successfully used by Ukrainian companies for 10 years.

Project success criteria


Support by top-management
Project idea shall should be supported and shared by all the stakeholders, and most importantly by CEO of the company.


Team buy-in
Involvement of the project team in initiation and planning are one of the best ways to get strong and commited team which shares values of the project and promotes it throughout the company.


Consistent planning and implementation
Changes implementation is a project, so the project approach is best for planning and implementation. Stages, terms, costs, results, roles and responsibilities are our focus.


Resources and attention of stakeholders shall be focused on actual results and requirements.


International experience and standards
Methods and techniques we use in projects are based on international standards, which are understood by the investors all over the world.

We execute short, medium and long-term consulting projects to solve existing problems and optimize the work of your business.

  • Solution and development of a strategy for implementing improvements.
  • Holding workshops together with the group to develop strategy and develop improvement projects.
  • Support for project teams to develop and implement improvement projects. Adapting business processes within a company to support improvements.
  • Final workshop on the new portfolio of improvement projects.
a consultant
Areas for improvement:
  • Corporate project management systems (CPMS)
  • CPMS for building and development organizations
  • Cross-functional collaboration in projects
  • Implementing methodology mix: waterfall, agile, hybrid
  • Knowledge management systems (learning organization)
  • Project management automation
  • Project management outstaffing
  • Project portfolio management processes and frameworks
  • Project team coaching
  • Project management health checks and problem project recovery
  • Project management competency evaluation and development planning
  • Project management maturity evaluation and development roadmapping
  • PMO setup and development
  • Value-driven project management