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Your place in the new coordinate system

Your place in the new coordinate system

November 28, 2014

Everybody knows that companies are made by people. The same can be said about countries, as well. Now there is a wide-open window of opportunities in front of Ukrainians. Our country, business and society shall pass through the most important in the history period of transformation. And project managers may become leaders of changes in the country as we know for sure everything about goals, schedules and results.

To orientate ourselves better in the new life, define the right direction for moving forward, get inspired for achieving new super-goals the project manager community will get together at the solemn final meeting of the Discussion Club “Your place in the new coordinate system” (12th December 2014, conference hall of INCOM company).

In contrast to traditional meetings of РМ Community, the solemn meeting of the DC will last all day long. The purpose of it is to see new opportunities for growth and application of experience and knowledge, understand own role in new conditions, set new goals and re-plan our major project – our life!

International experts will give a lecture at the morning unit “NEW COORDINATE SYSTEM: outlooks for Ukrainian professionals”. They will tell about opportunities to open in front of Ukrainian project managers in the period of changes and entering new markets. International speakers will not only outline the horizons, but define the requirements to specialists, who will wish to seize such opportunities.

At the second unit – “YOUR PLACE IN THE WORLD OF NEW OPPORTUNITIES” – the recognized experts of PM Community will tell how to refine oneself to achieve the set goals and obtain maximum results for oneself and for the company.

All the reports will be in the format of short 10-20 minute speeches – concentrated experience, facts, figures, cases without excessive philosophy and long discussions.

Participants will get three unique things that help them move the right direction and become leaders of changes in their companies: first one is seeing the new coordinate system – what opportunities there are in general; second is the possibility to determine the direction – what a successful project manager shall be like; and third one is learning what to do to become such a successful project manager basing upon personal experience of professionals, who already know all the hidden pitfalls and how to find the key to personal success.

And all of that you can do in the friendly atmosphere of РМ Community that will charge you with its incredible energy and inspire for new projects, ideas, solutions and achieving the most ambitious goals!

Let’s meet on 12th december in the conference hall of INCOM company (31-33 Smolenskaya Street).

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May your projects be a success!


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