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Lviv IT Arena conference: 3 days of technologies, trends and knowledge

Lviv IT Arena conference: 3 days of technologies, trends and knowledge

October 17, 2014

On 2-4 October in Lviv on “Arena Lviv” stadium there was a real celebration of modern technology and the world's leading IT industry trends - conference Lviv IT Arena.

The event attracted over 800 participants from Ukraine and all over the world, allowing the conference to confirm the claimed status of the largest IT event of Western Ukraine. Lviv IT Arena was held for the first time, but its success has shown that from now on it will become an annual conference.

Conference was attended by IT specialists of all directions (programmers, designers, testers, etc.), corporate executives, creators of young startup projects, students, and representatives of other sectors who are interested in the IT industry and understand the importance of information technology in different business sectors.

Focus of all of the 11 sections of the conference - Startup, Management as fun, Value Management and Business Analysis, QA, Google Development, Mobile, User Experience, IT Outsourcing, Data Science, Information Security and Game Development - was aimed at the main trends of the IT industry, recognized by Ukraine and the world today. In particular, fascinating report of Valeryy Pekar at the opening of the conference was devoted to trends.

On the Startup section during the conference there were many well-known speakers, including Petro Bondarevskyj (Internet Investments Group), who spoke about the common mistakes of Ukrainian startups, Andrij Kolodyuk (Aventures Capital) – about the search for an investor and Yevgen Plohoj (CapableBits) – about creating a product from scratch. Also within section on Lviv IT Arena the contest of startups, organized by Startup Depot, took place. Team Poster, which is developing automation systems for catering and retail chains, won and received a ticket to one of Europe's largest IT-conferences – The Next Web in Amsterdam. Two other startups - Tap4Parking (interactive map of parking) and TicketsClub (development marketplace for selling theater tickets) received mentoring support from Yandex (Ukraine).

Visitors of Mobile section participated in discussions, inspired by speakers. Myriam Joire, Chief Evangelist at Pebble, spoke about the past, present and future of mobile and wearable technology. Kyryl Liashkevych, iOS Solution Architect at Viber, told everything about “insides” of iOS client Viber and its scaling. Karl-Henrik Nilsen, Solution Architect at Sogeti, told about Internet Of Things and how to start converting any device for smart, using as an example a normal call on the door.

Google Development section started with an interesting report of Andrii Bihun from Google New York about social projects of Google that help people in case of natural disasters and catastrophes. Perhaps it is through such initiatives, Google is still called “the corporation of good”. Valentyn Shybanov and Panayiotis Lipiridis told in details about the possibilities of Google Cloud platform. And thanks to the workshop of Panayiotis many visitors were able to create their first website on Google App Engine. Particular attention and admiration aroused around public report of Yulian Göbölös-Szabó from about the use of modern programming language Go.

Productive start of IT Outsourcing section was a speech by the mayor of Lviv - Andriy Sadovyy. The mayor offered an audience to hold meeting in the form of conversation with questions and answers, during which he raised the theme of IT education in Ukraine in the field of development, building of industrial park in Lviv etc. Dmitry Dubohrayev told in his report about legal side of moving your business to the west. Report of Oleksii Skrypnyk on issue of e-governance was extremely relevant and interesting. And thanks to an exciting presentation of Andrii Hankevych participants learned interesting facts about Ukraine's place in the global outsourcing market.

The first day of User Experience section was completely dedicated to practice: there were held workshops from designers Maksym Tkachuk (creating rapid prototypes on paper and their testing) and Pavlo Kolodiazhnyi (how to tame empathy), which were attended by over 100 participants of Lviv IT Arena, among them - not only UX-experts. The second day of UX section was dedicated to reports from practicing designers from Ukraine and from abroad. Oleksandr Trehub, art director of the design studio AKADEMIA, told how wrong things attract our attention and how to use it for the benefit of creating designs. Presentation about Digital Story telling by art director of ELEKS Oleh Hasoshyn caused admiration and a lot of approving reviews. On examples from movies, Oleh told as histories, or rather their essence and meaning, helping to establish a connection with the audience, and subsequently the consumer product that you are developing. About the history and memories, as well as applications that keep them for us, told Aleksei Bystrov, CEO of Cirqle - application where you can keep and share memorable moments of life. And Serhii Rodionov, art director of another product Look at Media – The Village, talked about inside of digital-media. In general, on that day participants of UX-section also listened to motivational presentation by Pavlo Kolodiazhnyi, learned more about testing interfaces from Yaroslav Birzul, about how to inscribe design in the business model told Yurii Babich, and finally, about the peculiarities of Value Design and design department in a large outsourcing company - Dmytro Svarytsevych. According to the organizers, both days passed very interesting and productive, so they announced the special UX-conference. According to Denys Skrypnyk, Head of UX-Department of ELEKS, likely, this event will take place in the spring of 2015.

About 100 participants attended report of Andrii Dzynia on QA section, dedicated to organization of testing in foreign startups. Marian Tsar prepared an interesting speech for students, sharing tips of team building of testers from scratch. Roman Lavriv spoke about software testing for medical devices, and Sviatoslav Rymar shared experience of the phenomenon of Crowd Testing.

Participants of Management as fun section were the most interested in performances, during which speakers described the practical cases and gave advice that can be used in professional activities. Modern IT managers are interested in developing personal qualities that allow to manage and organize other people based on shared values, content and objectives of the project, using a game approach to management. The audience listened attentively to Lviv speakers Olia Moroz, Andrii Mudryi, Natalka Shpot, actively interacted with Andrii Nikolovyi and Anna Podhorna.

One of latest trends in IT – Data Science – has separate section on Lviv IT Arena. Because the industry is relatively “fresh”, reports were focused on participants - both beginners and professionals engaged in processing large amounts of data over the years. In particular, according to organizers it was nice to hear that achievements of Data Science are actively applied in everyday life, in particular, to assist the Ukrainian military in the area of ATO. Developments of speakers of Data Science section are used for programming the drones and systems of recognition of firing points. One of the best reports of the section was the performance of Andrii Sebrant, Director of Marketing of Yandex. Andrii talked about how machine learning is used today as it helps in decision making and how can uncover hidden patterns in data, which we did not even know.

On Game Dev section there were discussions about all aspects of game development from finding the idea, recruiting teams to the problems faced by the team during the project development. Especially interesting was the report of Rostyslav Kaminskyi, producer with over 10 years experience in BigFishGames, 6Wawes, Disney and Nravo. A pleasant surprise was the performance of Khrystyna Slobodian and Natalia Tabachyn from the project Nravo.Kids, who shared their experiences of running games for kids in Ukrainian realities and their thoughts on “whether to give children to play with the tablet”.

On Infosecurity section there were discussions about theory and practical implementation of security testing in SDLS software, key aspects of the interaction of communications providers and the team responding to computer emergencies in Ukraine CERT-UA, bases of authentication systems using email standards DMARC, DK / DKIM, SPF / SIDF, retrospective analysis of vulnerabilities of cryptography, web, mobile while testing real products. Reports of Mykola Koval and Bohdan Serednytskyi helped to overcome common stereotypes about the lack of connection between theory and practice security of software, and a large number of the following problems forced to rethink classic approaches to the development of products in which testing and security testing for permeability have secondary role.

As noted by the organizers of Value Management & Business Analysis section within two days of workshops and reports there was tendency to combine traditional approaches to business analysis with the trend ones. This became especially noticeable during the day of workshops: initially from Mikhail Kumskov - the definition of project requirements, and then - more a modern approach, called Story Mapping from Roman Sakharov.

Also within the conference, there was a panel discussion Lviv GPU Computing Community with the support of NVIDIA and Eleks – “Calculation using GPU: business needs that can be met and those that fails to satisfy”, the purpose of which was to draw attention to business analysts and researchers of database to technology GPU.

Besides the official part of the event - flows of lectures and workshops - participants had the opportunity at any time to enjoy recreational and entertainment in conference play area, visit the delicious lunches and coffee breaks. There were lotteries from partners of event, test drives of electric cars, Tesla car, entertainment zone using controlled models, the area of computer games for X-Box, foosball, coloring shirts with washable colors, old consoles Dendy, Angry Birds in real time and much more! Also, the participants experienced the famous Google Glass and virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift, kindly provided to the conference by Nravo, and received figures from 3D printer from Noosphere.

The program of closing of conference included evening of the best hits of Hollywood films in high quality live performance Academic Symphony Orchestra “INSO–Lviv”, performance of a cover band “BandIT”, Dj-set from DJ-IT Taras Lytvyn, stylish dinner. During the closing the participants questioned the organizers about Lviv IT Arena 2015 and expressed a confident determination to come to the conference again.

Main organizer – Lviv IT-BPO Cluster

Co-organizers – Eleks, Lviv Business School (LvBS), Testers.Lviv.UA, GDG Lviv, Lviv Business Incubator Startup Depot, WISC, Lviv School of Project Management, Lviv City Council.

General partner - SoftServe, Turkish Airlines, Tesla Club Ukraine

Gold partner - Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company, «Ukrtelekom», Data Art, Оптіма Плаза, Noosphere

Silver partners – Qubstudio, GlobalLogic, DalivSoft Inc, Квитковий сервіс Gastroli.UA, Місцевий економічний розвиток, ELMOB.CO, Інтергал-Буд, NATEK Poland, Teleportus, REGA.

Hospitable partners – Leopolis, Citadell Inn, Nota Bene, Панська гора

General media partner — DOU

Exclusive TV and Radio partner – Радіо 24 та Телеканал новин 24

Main business media partner –

Media partners: EBA, Bionic Hill, Bionic University, IT Expert, INVenture, Brainberry Global,,, Betaplace, GTF, Geeks Lab, Highload Dev Conf, AgileBaseCamp, IT Ukraine, WannaBiz, Bitcoin Conference Kiev, Brain Basket Foundation, ITVDN, ITEM, PM Forum, Spider Ukraine, IT Rally, IT Weekend, Львівська газета, Postpaper, Электронный документооборот и ИТ для бизнеса, Lviv Online,, Сайт міста Рівне 0362, Career4it.

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