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Second meeting of the UA-EU DEVELOPMENT HUB – my steps towards EU

Second meeting of the UA-EU DEVELOPMENT HUB – my steps towards EU

October 16, 2014

Follow Up of the conference “Your benefits in the EU market: funding and standards”. Participants will get answers to their two most important questions: where attract money for modernization from and how implement EU standards.

The interest of Ukrainian companies to sources of financing and projects of entering the EU market laid the groundwork for arranging a second meeting of UA-EU Export & Innovation Community. The key topics discusses at the meeting were: hot to fill in a grant application with 90% guarantee of success, what type of credits EBRD grants for growth of Ukrainian export to EU, and, of course, which reforms Ukraine and companies shall make to comply with EU standards. And the main part consists in team consultations by European experts, and kind of a “homework” for participants that shall be completed on the basis of specifically developed standard documents.

At the first meeting of the UA-EU DEVELOPMENT HUB on September 18-19, 2014 thirty Ukrainian companies have already got answer to three major questions. European experts told how to receive cheap resources for technical re-equipment; how to prove oneself as a serious partner in EU; and whom conduct business with. But the most important is that participants had an opportunity to discuss their goals and plans with experts directly.

Now it is time to move on. On October 23, 2014 the second meeting of the UA-EU DEVELOPMENT HUB will take place. Yet before the first meeting in September hosts had imposed a rigid limit upon themselves – no twaddle. We want to create a space of easy and clear solutions, step-by-step way of entering the EU market. The major values of meetings are consultations with leading experts, clear answer to the question “How?”, and understanding of steps each participant shall make.

Few companies have already started to make steps towards attracting financing for their projects. Others started developing projects of entering the market. At the second meeting regular participants will get advices as regards further steps, and those who will come for the first time will start their movement towards the EU market.

Traditionally, the program of the meeting answers the question” HOW I CAN DO THAT”, i.e. how to attract financing, what to do to approach the EU market; and what to do to implement standards.

The first question is where to get money from? How to fill in a grant application so as to get 90% guarantee of receiving a grant?

In the year 2014 the European Commission plans to allocate to Ukraine 140 to 200 million Euros in form of grants within the limits of AAP program. In the period of 2014-2020 Ukraine and Ukrainian companies may receive 11 billion Euros altogether under direct assistance schemes. These resources will help making infrastructural, technological and other reforms of the state and business. In the course of his presentation, the leading European financial expert Stéphane Joiris de Caussin will tell how to fill in a grant application to get money you need with 90% guarantee.

The second question – “cheap” credits of EBRD. What options of growth of export supplies EBRD provides? How to get cheap borrowed funds?

EBRD implements a great number of support programs for small and medium size businesses, which Ukrainian companies have even no idea about. What shall be done to be included into the desired program and get cheap credits for development programs financing.

The third question – EU standards. What Ukrainian shall do on the way to implementation of EU standards?

Find out about all the stages a Ukrainian business shall pass through to become one of the first companies to enter the EU market, and thus derive the full benefit for your company from this knowledge.

The fourth question – entering the EU market. What specific steps shall be made?

Traditionally, a practical tool to take and use in your work. A step-by-step guide of entering the European market - a workbook with models of project documents that will help to enter the market successfully. Homework for participants of the conference.

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The UA-EU DEVELOPMENT HUB is an open platform of the UA-EU Export & Innovation Community, where European and Ukrainian experts share simple solutions of achieving great results and helping Ukrainian companies to integrate into the global manufacturing chain.


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