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About the Forum

Ukrainian Project Management Forum is the unique event calling together practicing specialists of the industry. Crucial difference of this Forum from other professional forums is that contributors and participants are project managers from real business. Presentations represent cases of real projects being implemented or problem solution within the system of project management in the contributors’ companies.

That is why Forum is a mega-event for Project Managers. At Forum you can get familiar with experience of your peers , find solutions for your own problems, find out what is important for Project Managers from other companies, set long-term tasks, and establish new useful connections which will increase your professional value in future.

From year to year the number of participants grows, as well as number of Project Managers from new industries, where project technology is applied. We continue to offer new and interesting formats for you: cases, presentations, panel discussions, problem solution sessions and games. All of them are focused on demonstration of practical tools for achieving tasks faced by Project Managers that are designed according to the principle “come, take and use”.

РМ Forum is a large team of like-minded people. It is always a warm atmosphere, energy boost for the next year, inspiration for new projects, opportunity to meet old and new friends. It is a ‘must go’ event for Managers and project team members.

November 19-20, 2015

For whom?

Projects of:

  • Modernization,
  • Construction and reconstruction,
  • IT development and implementation,
  • New trademark or product development and market launch,
  • Expanding a retail network,
  • R&D,
  • Closing up of business,
  • Entering new markets,
  • Organizational development.


  • Professional Project Managers,
  • Project Portfolio managers,
  • Top managers,
  • Project team members,
  • Business Owners,
  • HR.

Why participate?

PM Forum is an annual platform for summing up, exchanging experience, communication and finding new opportunities


The unique annual event for professional Project Managers in Ukraine;


Communication with colleagues - professionals;


Networking - new contacts and links;


Sharing best experience and practices;


New look at projects being implemented;


Improvement of professional competences;


Increasing personal value as a specialist;


Getting bonus PDU’s.