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Dear colleagues,
Ukrainian and already international PM Community!

Our work requires from us inspiration every day. Creating new projects is not a feat, but it’s a great and socially useful calling. This is the art of living that comes with experience, the ability to enjoy every day, the ability to inspire your peers and achieve results. It is important to ensure that these results bring pleasure. For some pleasure means money gained, for others - start of a new stage in his/her career, but for someone pleasure is a contented smile of a team member after the goal was achieved. But each of us, upon reflection, knows for sure - there's nothing like the pleasure of victory!

At some point we decided to implement projects that will gather project-managers, will create a platform for exchange of experience, networking opportunities, increase personal value on the market, and will just give a pleasant and unusual pastime in good company. And we did it!

Our goal - to create the world's best infrastructure for project managers’ self-development. And we feel the positive feedback. Our PM Community loves and appreciates Discussion Club meetings, which became the real community engine. PM Forum became the grandest event of the PM year where European PMI chapters come, to understand how we managed to do it, and at the same time to adopt the technology. Rating helps evaluate project management project management in companies and help project managers to show and prove their leadership efforts.

We are pleased and happy that our work is of use to you. We direct our daily work to bring you maximum value of it.

We invite new members to join the PM Community. We are open and we have inspiration... It's you, project managers.

P.S. Project Manager - it is not a profession but a vocation!

November 19-20, 2015

Что общего между стартапом и социальным проектом

December 10, 2015, 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM