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Building the bridge from ideas to implementation
with project management


What does the certification give?

Certification Project Management Professionals (PMP®) — is a professional quality mark, which is uniform and accepted by the companies all over the world.

This is the certification in project management available for specialists from different areas which gives an opportunity to confirm your qualification in 170 countries of the world. There are over 380 thousand of certified project management professionals in the world, and their quantity grows rapidly. Having obtained PMP® certification, one becomes the member of the largest and prestigious community of certified project management specialists.

Certification has been developed by Project Management Institute (PMI), and verifies the knowledge of project management standards embraced in PMBOK® Guide. PMBOK® Guide is updated every 4 years in average, the last (5th) edition was published on December 31 2012, and students started passing the exam on this edition since August 1 2013.

In order to obtain PMP® degree it is required:


To comply with the requirements to education and experience.
(on requirements in detail RUSSIAN ONLY)


To submit an application.
(on procedure in detail RUSSIAN ONLY)


To pay for exam on PMI web-site — $555.
(on payment procedure in detail RUSSIAN ONLY)


To pass exam in the form of 200-question test.
(on exam in detail RUSSIAN ONLY)


Certificate is an increase of your personal market value as a specialist in average by 1.7 times. It is an admission into the world community of specialists with the vast volume of accumulated knowledge and experience.