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Building the bridge from ideas to implementation
with project management



Spiderhelp – Support program for corporate customers,
who undergo training on PMP or CAMP certification.

For clients who undergo training on certification in corporate format, we provide access to special service: PMP EXAM TEST-DRIVE for half of a year, and guarantee of passing the exam within 45 days after the end of the training.

All information needed for successful certification training you may find on our web site:


What is PMP and what is it for?


Tests, courses, books.


First-hand advice – feedback from people who passed certification.


Terms of renewal.


Upon condition of training, each participant gets access to the private information.

PMP EXAM TEST-DRIVE – is PMP exam simulator. Test randomly selects 200 questions to be resolved within 240 minutes. Conditions are close to those at the exam.


Is issued individually to each participant. Providing that final test at the end of the training is not less than 80% CORRECT ANSWERS!

PMP-GUARANTEE is provided to a participant for 45 days. If he/she within 45 days after training completion for PMP certificate tries to pass the exam and fails it, he/she is eligible for free placement interview with Consultant for finding out knowledge gaps. On the basis of the interview Consultant prepares special practical session for this participant individually to prepare for exam and pass it.

Support service

Tel: +380 (50) 700-58-81
E-Mail: support@spiderproject.com.ua
Facebook Messenger: SpiderUkraine