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Building the bridge from ideas to implementation
with project management


Agile project management / PMI-ACP® prep

Authorized Training Partner Authorized PMP Instructor

There's a wide range of tools, techniques and frameworks for managing agile projects, teams, engaging stakeholders, improving processes, deicision making and planning. This course combines best approaches from such frameworks as scrum, kanban, extreme programming and lean product development.

The benefits of this course include:

  • a wider look at agile practices (not only scrum, but also kanban, XP and agile tools for project scope, schedule, cost, procurement, resources, communications and other knowledge areas in project management),
  • a deeper understanding of agile practices and their values compared to classical tools (for example, why story points are applied in agile sizing and why estimations in hours are less preferred, what happens if the team is not self-organized when a product is being planned in an uncertain environment).

This course will help you understand new agile terms and situations, including user story prioritizations, iteration and release planning, adaptive leadership and servant leadership, cumulative diagrams etc.

The course participants will also receive trainer advices on successful exam passing, what to focus on when answering exam questions. The course will also help you structure and refresh your knowledge in agile practices, bringing them to the new level from quantity to quality.

A 5% discount is applicable for PMI Ukraine Chapter members. Please specify your PMI ID in the comments when registering for the course. After your active PMI Ukraine Chapter mebership has been confirmed, we will issue and send you an electronic or paper invoice with the discount applied.

You can learn more about the PMI-ACP® exam and application process here.

The course materials are in English!
Language of learning sessions is in English and Russian (the PMI-ACP exam is not available in Russian or Ukrainian).
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Consultant and personal experience sharing:
Alina Piddubna

Alina Piddubna

Professional project manager with more than 10 years of experience. Trainer and consultant in project management, project portfolio, PMI development and organizational change
Authorized PMP Instructor PMP Candidate of Economics, PMI-ACP, CLSSGB, PSM(I), PMO-CP
Program Program: Preparation for certification
Venue Venue: ONLINE
Duration Duration: 6 days, 36 hours
Date Date: October 08 - November 12, 2022,
every Saturday, from 10:00am till 4:00pm
Language Language: Russian, English
<nobr>Certificate of study</nobr> Certificate of study: Yes
Bonus Bonus: 36 PDU's
Price Price: 11 990 UAH (or 455 USD)
About the course:

The course program is built around the PMI knowledge requirements that qualified Agile Practitioners must have (aka PMI-ACP exam content outline). It is aimed not only at memorizing key concepts, principles and tools necessary for passing the exam, but at their deep understanding, which is more valuable and effective for passing the exam and further improving approaches to work. This understanding is achieved through a large number of practice exercises for shaping and deepening your agile mindset, assimilating the values, principles and practices of agile project management. The purpose of the PMI-ACP exam is to test the applicant's ability to think and perceive project tasks and situations through the prism of an agile worldview and its approaches - it is not enough to know the terms and definitions, it is important to deeply understand the philosophy of an agile approach, to be agile, and not just be abie to apply agile approaches.

The course participants receive the necessary knowledge to pass the exam for the PMI-ACP certificate, as well as proof of training in agile practices of 36 hours, which fully covers PMI requirements for the PMI-ACP exam eligibility. Detailed study and practice exercises in all areas of agile project management for effective learning and immersion in the field of agile worldview, values, principles and practices, including value-driven project managing, stakeholder engagement, building and developing agile teams, adaptive planning, identification and problem solving in projects, the practice of continuous improvements for the product, processes and interactions between people.

Who is this course for?

For anyone who practices agile approaches in their work or is just planning to use Scrum, XP, Kanban, wants to deeply learn how to practice agile approaches, and also prepare for the PMI-ACP exam:

  • project managers,
  • scrum masters and agile team coaches,
  • product managers and product owners,
  • business analysts,
  • project team members,
  • functional managers.

The course will be useful not only for IT specialists, but also for people from other sectors where flexible approaches are gaining popularity.

Course program:

Module 1: Introductory part, an overview of the exam, the process and requirements for its eligibility and passing

Module 2: Agile mindset and its principles

Module 3: Value-Based Delivery

Module 4: Stakeholder Engagement

Module 5: Team performance

Module 6: Adaptive planning

Module 7: Problem identification and resolution

Module 8: Continuous Improvement

Module 9: PMI-ACP Exam simulation

For each topic, participants take tests to consolidate the material as homework, and difficult questions are analyzed in the classroom.

Useful tools:
  • Planning tools for an agile project fromA to Z: scope, schedule, cost, risks, quality, communications, procurement, etc.
  • Agile team workspace organization
  • Methods and tools for monitoring and controlling an agile project, solving problems, and ensuring continuous improvements in processes, product and people-to-people interactions
  • Practices from XP (extreme programming) to improve product quality
  • Practices from kanban and lean to improve processes quality
  • In-depth study of the principles of organizing an agile project with the scrum framework
Learning techniques:
  • Lectures + work on practical examples, gamified knowledge testing.
  • Time for theory and practice are planned equally to increase the efficiency of learning agile practices and agile mindset.
  • Course materials and videos recordings of lessons are available to participants during one year after course start.
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OPEN format

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