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Improving performance
people and projects


Management of benefits and advantages of innovation projects portfolio

How to direct the flow of innovations from ‘the bottom’ for strategic break-through of the company

If management of the company wants to build in the company the system of innovative initiatives and thus change the strategy of company development, then you’re in the right place. The key result of the workshop is the list of innovative ideas as a prototype of the register in the portfolio of innovation projects of the company. And the second one is suggestions of participants regarding establishing a base of criteria to include innovation ideas into the project portfolio of the company.

Consultant and personal experience sharing:
Anna Starynska

Anna Starynska

Director, Project Management Consultant

Level Level: Practical training on organizational development
Duration Duration: 2 days (16 academic hours)
Format Format: Only in corporate format
Price Price: 35000 UAH
Bonus Bonus: 16 PDU's
What and what for?

Innovative approach to company development: to form the flow of innovations and ideas at the level of middle management for break-through and strategic company development.

Who may be interested:
  • Project Managers,
  • Project Portfolio Managers,
  • PMO officers,
  • Project Sponsors.
Basic sections of the workshop:
  • Innovations in the company or how to see a forest behind trees?
  • Decision making as key activity of the manager,
  • Innovation project management as a tool of increasing the company’s value,
  • Innovations are the pre-initiation phase of projects,
  • Initiation of innovation projects,
  • Management of the innovation project portfolio, its customers and sponsors,
  • Conclusions and recommendations.
Useful tools in work available for use the very next day:
  • Check-list. Assessment and selection of the idea,
  • Mapping values of the company. Focus: how we will increase benefits and value of the company. Making a list of important characteristics,
  • Defining problems and opportunities. Ishikawa diagram application,
  • Defining objectives of the project from the point of view of the Project Sponsor Manager and key concerned parties. Identification of expected results of the project,
  • Establishing a base of criteria to assess projects and priority system.
Forms and formats of studies and new skills development:
  • Theory with the consultant’s comments;
  • Practical tasks for skills development based on one’s own projects;
  • Presentation of results of one’s own project preparation;
  • Questions – answers regarding projects;
  • New tools templates for further implementation in work.
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