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Excellence in project portfolios management and Management Committee

How to be excellent in project portfolio management

Top management often strives for implementation of all projects at the same time, main obstacle for which is that company’s resources often are limited. For this purpose there usually is Project Portfolio Manager, who is able to set priorities to projects, optimize resources, establish and use connections between projects, achieve results and business objectives of the company. Lyubov’s background includes experience of project portfolio management, and establishing of strategic project offices. This course is designed to meet challenges facing project portfolio management.

Consultant and personal experience sharing:

Level Level: Practical training on organizational development
Duration Duration: 2 days (16 academic hours)
Format Format: Only in corporate format
Price Price: 35000 UAH
Bonus Bonus: 16 PDU's
What and what for?

Five ingredients for success in project portfolio management that will be indispensable in your work.

Who may be interested:
  • Project Managers,
  • Project Portfolio Managers,
  • PMO officers,
  • Project sponsors.
Basic sections of the workshop:
  • Project portfolio – when it is needed and how to start it (restart)
  • Selection of projects for the portfolio. Phases of pre-initiation and initiation of projects
  • Project portfolio creation
  • Project Portfolio management
  • Managementof risks of project portfolios
Useful tools that can be used in work the very next day:
  • Only ‘right’ projects for the portfolio! - selection of ‘right’ projects for the portfolio. The system of selection, criteria. Phases of pre-initiation and initiation of projects.
  • How much?- KPIs of the project and KPIs of the portfolio. The system of regular assessment and reassessment of projects in the portfolio. New look at the concept of ‘success of the project’.
  • Connections are everything! Management of interproject connections within the portfolio. Management of the portfolio’s external relations.
  • Who is the boss? – Stakeholders in project portfolio management. Steering Committee – when is it necessary? ÐÌÎ and its role. Interaction of Project Portfolio Manager with Project Managers and functional managers.
  • On paper everything seemed easy... - Project portfolio risks management.
Forms and formats of studies and new skills development:
  • Theory with the consultant’s comments;
  • Practical tasks for skills development based on one’s own projects;
  • Presentation of results of one’s own project preparation;
  • Questions – answers regarding projects;
  • New tools templates for further implementation in work
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