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Project management for sponsors

How to become a good sponsor for successful implementation of controlled projects and obtain guaranteed results

Provision of resources, making key decisions at the phase of initiation and completion, control of results these are important component parts of the project, for which the Project Sponsor is responsible. This workshop may tell how to become an ideal sponsor of projects for ones own Project Managers and how to manage results of projects for the benefit of ones own career and company prosperity.

Consultant and personal experience sharing:
Anna Starynska

Anna Starynska

Director, Project Management Consultant
Level Level: Practical training on organizational development
Duration Duration: 2 days (16 academic hours)
Format Format: Only in corporate format
Price Price: 31000 UAH
Bonus Bonus: 16 PDU's
What and what for?

Ideal sponsor. Project management for top managers. Success of the project depends greatly on the Project Sponsor.

Who may be interested:
  • All the companies, where sponsors dont know and dont play their roles,
  • Project Managers,
  • Project Portfolio Managers,
  • PMO officers,
  • Project sponsors.
Basic sections of the workshop:
  • Tasks of the project management system;
  • Fundamental concepts of project management;
  • Concerned parties to the project;
  • Specific issue Top managers have to face, and
  • Processes of project management;
  • Initiation;
  • Planning;
  • Project implementation, monitoring and management;
  • Group of processes of implementation, management and monitoring;
  • New challenged senior management faces;
  • Summarizing results of the entire workshop.
Useful tools that can be used in work the very next day:
  • Setting goals and defining key factors of success for stakeholders.
  • Identification of risks of the project/phase of the project. Making the plan of responding to risks.
  • Formation of the protocol of interaction between key participants of the project at planning and control over project implementation.
Forms and formats of studies and new skills development:
  • Practical tasks for skills development based on ones own projects;
  • Presentation of results of ones own project preparation;
  • Questions answers regarding projects;
  • New tools templates for further implementation in workCinemalogy: in life as in a movie.
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