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Agile for Managers

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Transformation is about to support company process to adopt with modern request and the way of reaching your critical business objectives.

This course will give managers an overview of the Agile lifecycle, roles and processes. You will learn the key Agile terms and understand how Agile teams estimate, plan and track their work. We will also take a deeper dive into the new role of managers and address key topics such as transitioning away from daily task management, resource allocation for Agile teams, the concept of Stable teams, Servant Leadership and coaching skills, impediment removal and Agile metrics and reporting.

Consultant and personal experience sharing:
Natalya Naumenko

Natalya Naumenko

Project Management Consultant, Project Teams Coach
Host city Host city: Kyiv
Level Level: Fundamentals program
Duration Duration: 1 day (8 academic hours)
Date Date: July 28, 2018
Price Price: 5000 UAH
Bonus Bonus: 8 PDU's
What and what for?

The course will address the most common challenges managers face when transitioning to leading Agile teams.

  • Step 1: Learning: Some knowledge about Agile but implemented only at a surface level
  • Step 2: Practicing: doing agile but without deep understanding, business buy-in or reliable results
  • Step 3: Scaling: bring agile process beyond projects, to the to program or portfolio level of the organization
  • Step 4: Optimizing: Refining agile processes with additional coaching and training where necessary.
The benefits we get:


Agile tends to focus on adaptability, but predictability is most often cited as the reason for an agile transformation.


As organizations scale, product quality often suffers. Agile focuses on quality from requirements through implementation.


Many organizations struggle with 18 month delivery cycles. Agile helps your team accelerate time to market and revenue.


Cost savings are tough to promise, but agile can help make sure you are only spending money on the features most likely to generate revenue.


As companies grow sometimes they slow down and lose the ability to innovate. Agile can help you get back your competitive edge.


Delivering on time is only important if you are delivering the right product. Agile can help you get the feedback you need.

Program, 1 day, 8 hours
  • Modern trends in Project Management: SCRUM, Lean, Kaizen
  • Portfolio management: how to adjust?
  • Product and Project lifecylce
  • Understand the Agile lifecycle, roles and processes
  • Learn the key Leadership Triangle roles and expectations
  • Learn the Role of an Agile Manager and expectations

Practice 1: Skill Practice Brainstorm and discuss common challenges with this role transition

  • Learn top ways and models other companies have used to address challenges
  • Understand why Servant Leadership and Facilitation skills are critical to success

Practice 2: Skill Practice Servant Leadership Self Assessment and Growth Plan

  • Learn key skills needed for People Development and Coaching
  • Learn key skills needed for Process Improvement
  • Develop a clear change management plan for this role transition: brainstorm about Company Portfolio and possible processes to move to Agile

Practice 3: Skill Practice Building the Process Improvement Backlog

  • Transformational mindset: keep your best practices and continue grows up with modern trends

Practice 4: Mix of methodologies within Project Lifecycle: Instruments, Methodologies and usage models per Project demand