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Improving performance
people and projects


IT-Project Manager and team

How to become best IT Project Manager and create a dream team

This workshop is developed specially for IT Project stakeholders with taking into account specific features of the field. And, most importantly, it is the first workshop of the company in which a co-consultant is a playing coach expert in the field implementing projects and working continuously at the company - leader of IT market. The purpose of his involvement is deep insight into specific features, unveiling secrets and applying working practices.

Consultant and personal experience sharing:
Olena Sharova

Olena Sharova

Head of consulting department, Project Management Consultant
Host city Host city: Kyiv
Level Level: Program of specialized courses
Duration Duration: 2 days (16 academic hours)
Date Date: Open date
Price Price: 3500 UAH
Bonus Bonus: 16 PDU's
What and what for?

Tools and practices for the acting I Project Manager. A motivated team is 99% of the successful implementation of an IT Project. Successful IT Project Manager should, like Shiva, combine hard skills of project planning and implementation, and soft ones for management of oneself and team, and in the same time manage the project successfully meeting the ever-changing requirements and expectations of the customer.

Who may be interested:
  • Project Managers,
  • Project teams participants,
  • Project Portfolio Managers,
  • PMO Officers.
Basic sections of the workshop:
  • Key concepts of project and human resources management. IT-Project and I
  • IT-Project Manager, who is he/she?
  • 8 skills of Project Manager to work with people:
  • IT-Project team and its lifecycle
  • Individual differences between team members: behavior models and methods of their identification
  • Intrapersonal communication skills
  • Creating in the team an atmosphere that enhances motivation
  • Conflict resolution skills
Useful tools in work available for use the very next day:
  • Questionnaire. What is leadership? Who is leader?
  • Mirror. What I do for myteam? What my behavior tells?
  • Plan of personal development for 1-3 years
  • Defining type of behavior according to Satir
  • Identification of team roles according Belbin
  • Capability of delegating responsibility and authorities to an IT-team member.
  • Identification of behavior of movie characters on the grounds of defining and analysis of their motivation.
Forms and formats of studies and new skills development:
  • Theory with the consultants comments;
  • Practical tasks for skills development based on ones own projects;
  • Presentation of results of ones own project preparation;
  • Questions answers regarding projects;
  • New tools templates for further implementation in work Cinemalogy: in life as in a movie