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Professional calendar for Project Managers

Professional calendar for Project Managers

January 27, 2014

New year is always a reason for setting new goals and attain greater results. At the start of a new business-season Spider Ukraine Company has prepared new events which may help Project Managers gain new marks in the history of their success.

Find your place in PM-community

In February a new season of monthly discussion clubs for Project Managers has started. After careful analysis of your feedback , we have reworked and refreshed the presentations format and requirements. The main advantage of the DC is sharing experience, and now the program became more practical and applicable. Traditionally, in the first block participants discuss 3 real cases of Project Managers from Ukrainian Companies. The second block – new one – where consultants of Spider Management Ukraine introduce certain PM tool. The main requirement to the above block is usability, availability and possibility to apply it in work immediately. For instance, at February meeting a useful tool was presented for creation of effective relations with Sponsor - «RELATIONS WITH PROJECT SPONSOR: FOCUS ON VALUES AND RESULT». Relevant tools will be introduced at each DC depending on topic. As usual, at club meetings you may raise and discuss hot questions, find and/or maintain useful relations, and, of course, be in trend of professional news.

Raise your value

We welcome all Project Managers who set up their minds to pass PMP exam for further career development this year. Support of future PMP starts from the moment of taking a decision to undergo certification till the exam itself. Course participant receives support when filling in registration form, passing the audit, when preparing to the exam. For one and a half of a month Consultant explains PMBOK Guide logics, take each paragraph of methodology together with a group. His principal task is to carry accumulated experience of the participants over ÐÌÂÎÊ principles, and to explain the situation, when the theory and practice do not coincide. A rule of thumb states that without understanding the main point, passing the tests turns to be impossible. Indeed, it is better not to learn by heart but to understand why this or that answer is right. The course will leave also a 700 pages workbook . At the end of the class, participants pass mock exam and once more “go through” all topics. Course effectiveness is confirmed by statistics: for the last one and half year only one participant has not obtained PMP Certificate. He will take retraining course free of charge in accordance with the conditions of the guarantee. For more on guarantee see…

Raise competences from project to portfolio

It is commonly known that a good beginning is half the battle. The course «Project management: from initiation to termination» would be useful for Project Managers-beginners (March 27-28). There we will show what steps should be taken to complete the project in time, within the budget and under the needed quality. Participants will have a possibility to practice in class gained knowledge that will help them to apply knowledge gained to their own projects. Qualified Consultant facilitates task performance as well as provides guidelines for the project of each participant.

Advanced Project Managers who have experience and have practiced their PM skills in real life, may be interested in course «Professional Project Management: advanced course». It is a PM toolbox intensive course. The program is focused on understanding of project function from the point of view of project portfolio. Experienced Project Managers will find useful tools and access whether the specific tool may be used in their project and choose necessary ones for their work.

The third stage is portfolio management. Project Manages who are interested in understanding the specific characteristics of project portfolio management, may find the course «Art of project portfolio management» (April 22-23) useful. According to the main principles of the portfolio management, it is important to be able to select “right projects” into the portfolio and to manage priorities. To make this successfully, you should understand and distinguish clearly project and portfolio goals. The second focus of the course is management of inter-project relations in portfolio and external portfolio relations. It is practically impossible to manage portfolio without these skills. The third focus of the practical course is communication management. All Project Managers are aware of their importance, but being Project Portfolio Manager the necessity of the efficient communication system becomes really high. Steering Committee and when is it required? PMO and its role in portfolio and projects. Development of cooperation with Project Managers and Linear Managers. All this is a complicated system which requires energy, time and understanding of the influence of every stakeholder.

Guide: make 1, make 2, make 3...

All companies face problem projects. For those who want to learn how to «bring back to life» projects it will be interesting to get acquainted with author of the workshop of Anna Starynska - «Recovery Technology and successful implementation of problem projects» (April 10-11). From this course you will learn project «recovery» technology, in fact, critical project shall be brought back to life fast, point-wise and prudent. This technology is universal and it helps you to detect, restore and successfully complete any problem project. In addition, listeners will learn diagnostic method of project transformation into critical and project criteria passing into problem. With the help of these small signals, you may save your project from failure. Set of “recovery” instruments, presented at the course, the participants practice in classes using their own projects. This practical course helps you to overcome crisis and receive maximum results from even very small problem projects.

Special Knowledge

Managers and members of project teams shall not be told that it is difficult to work with such projects, and poor awareness of the specific features may inevitably lead to failure.

You can learn more on key controls of construction projects management on March 17-18 at special practical course «Construction Project Management». It was developed and is conducting by Elena Sharova, Consulting Department Manager in Spider Ukraine Company. Elena has been realizing projects more than 10 years on behalf of the Client and Prime Contractors, Contractors. Exactly at the stage of their communication arise most of the problems which are to be counteracted before they start disastrous influence in the project. In addition, participants of the practical course will learn the algorithm of systematic organization process and construction projects progress control. During practical classes participants work out on their own projects project execution analytical instruments, construction projects risk map and obtain recommendations from specialists concerning their project management.

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