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About Us

Spider Ukraine is the leader of project managers ommunity. We build relationships with clients on the principles of open partnership and we are famous for our methodology: development and implementation of corporate project management systems and training programs, the development of competences. A significant focus of our work is for the European partners - management of large international projects.

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Feb 28
PMP? - Its all about US!

'If you are in Ukraine, I can suggest you Spider Ukraine. These guys are great. Moreover, they are doing much more than that!'

Sep 26
Dare to be brave

Courage is crucial for the project manager. It is important for him/her to tell the bad news on time, to stand for ones position and to change oneself and ones company. It is also one of the four values which underlie the agile methodologies.

Nov 28
Your place in the new coordinate system

Everybody knows that companies are made by people. The same can be said about countries, as well. Now there is a wide-open window of opportunities in front of Ukrainians. Our country, business and society shall pass through the most important in the history period of transformation. And project managers may become leaders of changes in the country as we know for sure everything about goals, schedules and results.

Mar 23

, PMP.

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